Euphrosyne and the Harty Spring

Euphrosyne and the Harty Spring Original Art

She brings joy and mirth as a joyous ripe mortal’

Euphrosyne and the Harty Spring is a healing tale about finding one’s true nature and bringing joy and mirth to all those whose path it crosses.

The story transcends place and legend and takes us on a journey underwater to the magical world of Euphrosyne and her Merfolk

Mysterium have published the book. If you are interested in purchasing a copy please contact Sonia.

I have been working with theurgy and Ignatian Spirituality through art for over 10 years now. These are ways of accessing the imagination and have proven to be a significant in my own artistic development – it started with a conversation with someone I met on the beach in Iona, while I was running a residential artists’ retreat there – she said to me

‘Listen to the Island she will tell you her stories…’

For this piece of work I went to Harty Ferry on the Thames Estuary at Oare from March to September 2020 to have a conversation with the water.

While I was working on this, I found out that the Greek traders sailed up the River Medway and bought with them ‘Euphrosyne’ their Goddess of Joy and Mirth. She remains built into a stone tablet in St Mary’s Church, Chatham. I visited this church, it was shut, but I saw a pair of ankle boots in the doorway and at that point I realised that Euphrosyne must give up her land legs and take tails. So evolved a Mermaid’s tale.

One of my freelance jobs as an artist is making inter-actives for museums and exhibitions which I thought I would incorporate into this piece by combining the visual and sensory elements with poetry and sound.

I have spent many years in and on the Estuary, sailing and swimming. I also frequently drink from the Harty Spring. This whole project was a sensory delight from start to finish, bringing together many strands.