I am making major updates to this website over the next couple of months –

there’s lots of content missing at the moment

I am a visionary artist working with Ignation Spirituality, therurgic practice, and symbolic languages.

I exhibit internationally, produce public commissions, run an Art School and live and work in Faversham, UK.

I make much of my work onsite in the landscape in wilderness and scared sites, where I find an elemental portal through which to weave ideas of Celtic Christianity and earth based religion with esoteric thought, dreams, folk magic and lore through re-occurring motifs.

My work takes many forms – painting, drawing, writing, printmaking, glass, sculpture, construction, through to ritualistic film and performance.

Prior to studying Fine Art I freelanced for 13 years as a set builder, costume and props maker working for The National Theatre, Ralph Lauren, party sets for big advertising agencies, community art projects, a wedding lighting business with giant kinetic lanterns…I still do a bit of model making and scenic painting for the film industry.

Artwork for sale

The shop will be up and running soon, but in the mean time if you are interested in a piece of work a number of these works are available for sale.

Please get in touch!

I am currently offering nice discounts if you wish to make a purchase using Bitcoin or Ethereum 🙂

If you are crypto-curious, I am happy to help with the few simple steps to help you get set up.